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Serea Coastal Cuisine – Your New Favorite San Diego Seafood Restaurant

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Serea is dedicated to serving ocean friendly cuisine that reflects the seafood available right here in San Diego. Not only do we create delicious dishes, but we do so in a way that protects the health of our oceans, helping to ensure that seafood will be available for generations to come. When you choose to dine at Serea, you can enjoy your meal knowing that you’ve made an environmentally conscious choice and that you’re eating fresh, sustainable seafood. 

understanding ocean friendly restaurants

Ocean friendly restaurants can take a variety of steps to help protect the ocean and the environment. For instance, restaurants may take steps to reduce pollution and keep plastic out of the oceans by providing plastic utensils only for takeout meals upon request, avoiding using plastic bags for takeout, providing plastic straws only upon request, and following proper recycling procedures. 

Additional options include installing energy efficient LED lighting, installing low-flow toilets to save water, and, of course, sourcing only sustainable seafood. 

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serea coastal cuisine’s proven leadership

Chef JoJo Ruiz will oversee the menu offerings of Serea, and his proven success in sustainable seafood bodes well for the new restaurant. Chef Ruiz, the current Executive Chef at Lionfish, contributed to the restaurant winning a February 2019 James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Leader Award. The award recognizes restaurants that are dedicated to sourcing only sustainable seafood, and Lionfish is one of just three restaurants in San Diego to receive the award. 

strategically chosen ingredients at serea

At Serea, our menu features dishes with strategically chosen ingredients. Our environmentally friendly seafood dishes are created with ingredients sourced from the finest producers. Because our seafood comes from local and regional purveyors, it arrives at our restaurant fresh, and with minimal transportation time. We purchase only seafood species that are sustainable, and since our providers are local, we avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, emissions, and energy usage in keeping seafood cool during cross-country shipping. 

We’re also upfront and proud about where our seafood comes from. Our suppliers include Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, Catalina Offshore Products, and Superior Seafoods (Based right in Los Angeles). 

One of our suppliers, Baja California’s Pacifico Aquaculture, has created a sustainability-first farming model that demonstrates the same dedication to the environment that we have here at Serea. Pacifico Aquaculture built the first ever commercial striped bass hatchery in the world in Ensenada, Baja California in order to spawn fish year-round. The fish are then moved to an open ocean grow site where they swim in spacious sea cages. Once the fish are of the desired size, they are removed from the cages and harvested and processed at a plant that’s located nearby the cages. 

This innovative model allows Pacifico Aquaculture to provide a consistent supply of sustainably grown bass, year-round. The model honors the fish’s natural environment, and the Pacifico Aquaculture’s model helps to reduce the pressure on wild fish stocks. By carefully managing the growth its own supply of striped bass, Pacific Aquaculture helps to prevent overfishing of wild-caught striped bass. 

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san diego based seafood & regionally sourced meats

While we’re dedicated to serving ocean-friendly food, we’ve also carefully sourced our meats. Our meats come from the best regional ranchers who are known for providing tender and flavorful cuts. Again, because we’re sourcing foods regionally, we’re avoiding unnecessary negative environmental effects of cross-country shipping and transportation. Plus, we know just where our meats are coming from, and we know the quality meats that we’re receiving. 

support ocean friendly dining and sustainable seafood at serea

Did you know that every dining choice you make is a vote in support the health of our environment and our oceans? When you choose to dine at an ocean friendly seafood restaurant, you’re supporting sustainable, environmentally friendly options that can help to preserve our oceans. 

At Serea, we’re dedicated to protecting our oceans. Come dine with us and enjoy delicious, ocean friendly dishes. Make your reservation today!