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The Hotel Del Coronado Serves as The Picturesque Seaside Home of Serẽa

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San Diego is a place like no other on earth. It encompasses the easy, laid back vibe of southern California and is home to some of the best restaurants in the region. In a world where it seems like everything is moving at the speed of light, San Diego beckons us to slow down, relax and enjoy the beautiful natural wonders around us.

People from all over the world have fallen in love with San Diego and it continues to be a premier destination for foodies who have a passion for coastal seafood. In 2019, we’ll see the culinary scene in San Diego elevated once again with the addition of Serẽa – a sustainable seafood restaurant located in the historic, iconic Hotel del Coronado.

the history of the hotel del coronado

The Hotel del Coronado is a historic beachfront hotel which sits poised on the Pacific edge of Coronado Island, a mere few minutes from downtown San Diego. While the picturesque setting of the hotel is enough to draw attention on its own, there’s an incredibly rich history that has elevated this resort to its iconic status.

The Hotel del Coronado opened its doors more than a hundred years ago in 1888. At the time it was considered a masterpiece of architectural genius and became known as for its breathtaking seaside presence. In its early years, the Hotel del Coronado attracted the elite from all over the world.  From a distance, the hotel has been said to resemble an ornate wedding cake, alluding to the celebration and enchantment that was contained inside.

The seaside presence of the hotel is so majestic that it has served as the setting for multiple movies, including 1958’s “Some Like It Hot”, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. The Hotel del Coronado has welcomed many guests with star power throughout the years and to this day maintains its status as one of the most majestic seaside resorts in the world.

a group of people walking down a dirt road

seaside dining adventures in san diego

It’s impossible to talk about the Hotel del Coronado without mentioning the world renowned restaurants that have graced the seaside location. In the earliest days, it featured a ladies restaurant and through the years has reinvented its culinary personality several times with well known restaurants including the Silver Grill and the Luau Room, which intrigued guests with its Polynesian menu for twenty years.

More recently, the Hotel del Coronado was the home of the award winning, fine dining establishment Ocean 1500. While cherished by many for its intimate atmosphere and incredible veranda dining, Ocean 1500 brought about an end of an era when they closed their doors last year. It’s going to take something special to fill the shoes of Ocean 1500 and Serẽa has exactly what it takes to breathe fresh, new life into beach dining at the Coronado.

incredible sustainable seafood in san diego

Serẽa, which will be the newest restaurant to be located inside the Hotel del Coronado, is set to open later this spring with a fine dining, sea to table concept that will introduce guests to some of the most amazing sustainable seafood in San Diego. The menu is anticipated to highlight local coastal cuisine, with each dish being artfully prepared to bring out the unique characteristics of the region’s sustainable seafood options.

Guests will enjoy seafood that is sourced directly from the California coast by local fishermen. Much like traditional farm to table restaurants support their local communities, Serẽa will support the local fishing community and southern California farmers while bringing awareness to sustainable practices and impressing every guest that walks through their door with a culinary mastery that is unsurpassed in world of San Diego seafood restaurants.

Behind Serẽa’s culinary artistry is Executive Chef, JoJo Ruiz. The menu will feature both raw and cooked seafood options, including whole-catch and artfully created dishes that enhance the natural, fresh flavors of coastal seafood with a hint of Mediterranean flair.

the complimentary pairing of ocean views and amazing seafood

It’s impossible to match the amazing seaside views of the Hotel del Coronado. Combine this with fresh, innovative creations by Ruiz and his culinary team at Serẽa and you’ll discover a beach restaurant that is destined to build its own reputation as one of the Hotel del Coronado’s iconic restaurants.

With both an indoor and outdoor bar that will serve local brews, a unique selection of wine pairings and specially crafted cocktails that add an entirely new element to coastal dining, Serẽa in the Hotel del Coronado is expected to be a premier destination for lovers of fresh, sustainable seafood who also enjoy the ambiance and luxury of fine dining.

prepare for an upscale dining experience like no other

Serẽa is set to open their doors in the Hotel del Coronado this May, which gives you plenty of time to mark your calendars in anticipation. There are no words to describe the experience of a enjoying a fresh seafood dinner with a sunset view over the waters. Executive Chef JoJo Ruiz and his culinary team at Serẽa look forward to serving you and creating a fine dining experience that will linger on your mind for years to come.