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The Vibrant, Fresh Seafood Concept Behind Serẽa in Hotel Del Coronado

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San Diego is a city that is loved by many. The amazing weather and coastal vibe make it one of the most well loved places in the world. Visitors and lifelong residents alike enjoy driving the approximately 70 miles of scenic shore-lined Highway 101 that run through San Diego, a coastal city has a magical charm.

Spend a few days or a lifetime in San Diego and it becomes obvious that one of the most enchanting things about the area is the fresh seafood. This spring, we’re going to see the seafood dining experience elevated even more with the opening of a new Coronado restaurant, Serẽa, in the Hotel del Coronado.

serẽa’s fresh, sustainable seafood menu concept

Serẽa, a restaurant concept envisioned by Clique Hospitality’s Andy Masi and Chef JoJo Ruiz, is built on a concept of fresh, sustainable seafood that highlights the very best from the regions fishing communities and local farmers.

Serẽa on Coronado Island will feature both raw and cooked seafood options with a focus on bringing out the simple, yet beautifully complex, flavor profiles of the region’s seafood. The restaurant will support the regional fishing community by partnering with local purveyors, including Baja California’s Pacifico Aguaculture, Tuna Harbor Dockside Market and Superior Seafoods, among others.

The team behind Serẽa at the Hotel del Coronado has an unwavering commitment to supporting sustainable seafood in the region while providing their guests with skillfully crafted seafood dishes that impeccably highlight the fresh, natural flavors of each offering.

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the menu – a vision of coastal seafood perfection

The beauty behind Serẽa is that they understand the key to success involves tapping into their local resources. As a restaurant in San Diego, Serẽa has access to an incredibly diverse, rich array of seafood – not to mention the bounty produced by the region’s agricultural farmers. When presented with such an abundance of natural foods, the magic is in knowing how to craft dishes that let the beauty of the ingredients shine on their own with an extra touch of magic from the culinary team at Serẽa.

Guests at Serẽa will discover a menu that features local seafood that’s prepared with a Mediterranean flair. The dishes are elegant in their simplicity and memorable in that the vision for each is completely fresh and new.

Guests can begin their seaside dining adventure with one of Serẽa’s artfully crafted appetizers. Selections range from tender tuna tar tar with citrus, capers and sun dried tomatoes to crispy calamari with a saffron chili aioli. Those who prefer to begin their first course by experiencing the best of the region’s local farming community might enjoy wood roasted cauliflower, roasted beets or whipped feta.

entreés to satisfy the most discerning seafood aficionado

You can also expect Serẽa to be the best place for oysters in Coronado. Oyster lovers will be impressed by the offerings of several types of oysters that have been acquired through sustainable purveyors in several regions, including Carlsbad, CA. Baja, Mexico, and Washington. The rich flavors of the oysters are delicately enhanced by the accompaniment of a cucumber-cilantro mignonette.

Main dish offerings include poached Mexican blue shrimp, Maine Lobster, seasonal crab, and wood-grilled, salt crusted or salt and pepper fried “big fish” selections. There are also plenty of sashimi offerings and even a few dishes for guests who prefer for their protein to come from land dwelling sources.

For the real aficionado of fresh seafood, there’s no better experience than Serẽa for beach dining in Coronado.

the beauty of serẽa in the hotel del coronado

Close your eyes and imagine enjoying the freshest seafood while basking in the warm breeze coming right off the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be enjoying dinner with a sunset view amidst the unmistakable charismatic personality of the Hotel del Coronado. With fresh seafood dishes, an incredible wine list and cocktails that have been masterfully crafted to compliment the unique, intricate personality of the menu of Serẽa, your dining experience will be elevated like never before.

The mastery behind the iconic Hotel del Coronado’s most recent addition is that Chef Ruiz and Clique Hospitality have created a concept that fuses San Diego’s love of fresh seafood, culinary innovation and a commitment to sustainable seafood practices. Serẽa has achieved the trifecta of coastal fine dining mastery.

Soon, Serẽa will be more than a highly anticipated addition to Coronado Island that has our mouths watering. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your summer adventures along the California Pacific coast, with a stop in San Diego that includes an unforgettable meal at Serẽa in the historic Hotel del Coronado.