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Learn the Art of Plating Courtesy of Serea Coastal Cuisine

a plate of food on a table


Can the way you dish up a meal actually make it taste better? Here at Serea, we think so. In fact, if you ask our team of talented chefs, chances are they will tell you there is a very specific artform to “plating” a dish. After all, when you put as much love into cooking the dishes we serve up here at Serea, you want to put just as much effort into making sure the dish looks as beautiful as it tastes.

This is all the art of plating.

And simply put, it is the art of arranging, presenting and decorating food before it is served The right plating allows you to anticipate the flavors of your dish ahead of time, to make sure the right portions are being served and to ensure that everything is right where it should be on your plate.

Most of our chefs will tell you, that we call it the “art” of painting, because each plate we send out truly is a piece of art. All of the colors, sauces, portions and textures, as well as their positioning on the plate are thought about ahead of time. Everything is arranged on the plate so that the right pieces are in central focus, and so the entire dish looks like a work of art.

In fact, many of our chefs like to get creative with color and really bring some visual interest and pops of brightness to our dishes. We love working with color while we plate, to highlight the bright, fresh, seafood that we proudly serve here in our restaurant. Of course, you will always find a focal point—or points, on each of our plates, whether it is a perfectly positioned row of Tuna Tartare or a hearty piece of eye-catching octopus in the center of a round plate.

a plate of food on a table

The “cherry on top” if you will of course is the right garnish, we can bring any plated dish together not only with a hint of color, but with the right hint of flavor.

Seem like a lot of work just to put food on a plate? Not for us. Here at Serea, we pride ourselves on our food and on the dining experience we offer, and we know that this attention to detail can truly make the dining experience for our guests.

We know that the art of plating is important because we truly believe in the power of presentation. We know that you are going to love our food from the moment that you taste it, but delicious, high-end cuisine is about more than taste—it is an entire experience. 

This is why we take the art of plating seriously. It is why you will see everyone of our dishes beautifully plated and displayed in a way where you can truly enjoy the colors, smells and experience of eating our food.

There is no better time to come and experience the art of plating for yourself here at Serea.  We take a modern twist of classic seafood, thanks to the creative genius of our chef JoJo Ruiz—and we make sure that we have plated it beautifully in a way that will not only highlight the beauty of our food but make sure that you are enjoying the best possible dining experience.